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Hiroshi Manabe

Post-war artist Hiroshi Manabe envisages a colourful future.

Posted on 10 January
The Simple Society

The Simple Society brings together the best of Japanese and European design.

Posted on 09 January
Carl Randall: Japan Portraits

Carl Randall follows in the footsteps of Ando Hiroshige.

Posted on 06 January
Issui Enomoto: Taxi in the Sea

A taxi driver finds beauty in his work with a series of layered photographs.

Posted on 05 January
Aki Inomata: Hermit Crabs

Welcome to the strange, crustacean-inspired world of artist Aki Inomata.

Posted on 04 January
Alice Tye: Mordernist Architecture in Film

Alice Tye turns to California for her series of movie-inspired paintings.

Posted on 23 December
Fumi Koike

Fumi Koike brings domestic scenes to life in a series of endearing illustrations.

Posted on 10 December
Atelier Takagi

Atelier Takagi makes lovely use of shape and colour in its designs.

Posted on 09 December
Bruno Quinquet: Salaryman Project

The Salaryman Project looks at the identity of Japanese businessmen and the city in which they work.

Posted on 05 December
Aya Sakai: Tasuku and Muu

If you are feeling blue this Monday, these pictures of a Tokyo-based boy and his best friend will make it all better.

Posted on 18 November
Friday Favourites: 20

This week's favourites include anonymous postcards, brightly-coloured powders and a fantasy flower shop.

Posted on 17 November
Liam Stevens: Shapebook

Liam Stevens clears the clutter with simple images.

Posted on 21 October
Adam Magyar: Stainless

Photographer Adam Magyar slows down the pace of one of the world's busiest stations.

Posted on 18 October
Ryosuke Fukusada: Inrou

Ryosuke Fukusada draws on tradition for the design of his new cork backpack.

Posted on 18 October
Jonathan Cherry

Jonathan Cherry investigates the everyday in a series of engaging photographs.

Posted on 18 October
Etsuko Fukaya

There is plenty of energy to be found in Etsuko Fukya's finely-detailed etchings.

Posted on 18 October
Yumiko Higuchi: Embroidery art

Yumiko Higuchi depicts an arkful of animals, insects and plants in her portfolio of embroidery.

Posted on 18 October
Miki Lowe

Illustration graduate Miki Lowe portrays the mundane and the strange in an eclectic portfolio of images.

Posted on 18 October
Chino Otsuka: Imagine finding me

Going back in time: Chino Otsuka revisits her childhood in a new photographic series.

Posted on 18 October
Friday Favourites: 18

From graphic design to chopstick design: our round-up of this week's most interesting things.

Posted on 18 October
Thomas Murphy

Botany is given a makeover in the hands of London-based artist Thomas Murphy.

Posted on 18 October
Waka Yoshida

Dinosaurs and dream-like landscapes: welcome to the world of artist Waka Yoshida.

Posted on 18 October
Crafts Council: Experimental animation meets pottery

Animation meets pottery in an imaginative collaboration from the Crafts Council.

Posted on 18 October
Suzuka Yoshida

Japanese artist Suzuka Yoshida visualises the daydreams of children in her latest set of paintings.

Posted on 18 October
Friday Favourites: 17

This week's favourites take a festive turn:

Posted on 18 October
Terunobu Fujimori: Tea Houses

Architectural historian turned celebrated architect Terunobu Fujimori stuns with his designs.

Posted on 15 October
Eiji Watanabe: A Butterfly's Eye View

A throwback to artist Eiji Watanabe's many paper butterflies.

Posted on 18 September
Keita Sagaki

Take a closer look at Keita Sagaki's illustrations and you will find a number of densely-packed doodles.

Posted on 18 September
Annu Kilpelainen

A look at Annu Kilpelainen's brightly coloured pictures is almost as good as a trip to the Caribbean.

Posted on 18 August
Noritaka Minami: 1972

Photographer Noritaka Minami documents the Nakagin Capsule Tower as it stands today.

Posted on 18 August
Rebecca Davies

Rebecca Davies engages with her local community in a number of innovative projects.

Posted on 18 July
Apocalypse Nerd: The Movie

Apocalypse Nerd director Tupaq Felber talks comic books, cataclysm and the future of British independent cinema.

Posted on 13 July