January 06, 2017

Carl Randall: Japan Portraits

Carl Randall follows in the footsteps of Ando Hiroshige.

Artist Carl Randall has been turning heads recently. In 2012 he won the National Gallery's prestigious BP Travel Award, which allowed him to travel along the Tokaido Highway between Tokyo and Kyoto in the footsteps of Japanese woodblock print artist Ando Hiroshige. The portraits he painted during this journey are fascinating in themselves, as well as making for a compelling comparison with the scenes depicted by Hiroshige just under two hundred years ago.

Randall is currently exhibiting a collection of work entitled 'Tokyo Portraits' at the Daiwa Foundation, paintings with a specific focus on the city of Tokyo. Through these creations, Randall portrays Tokyo from the perspective of a visitor; his large canvases and densely-packed detail convey the intimidation of the city for an outsider.

Carl Randall

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