Single Stem Vase — Black

by Yoko Fukuzawa

Inspired by the rich nature that surrounds her studio

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From Tokyo to Naha

Last autumn we travelled for six weeks, exploring the Japanese art-scene.

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Don't give up Japan — The moon and boat

by Hiroyuki Izutsu

A beautiful and uplifting response to the horrific Tohoku earthquake in 2011.

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Japanese Film Poster — Sound of Music

by Vintage

One of the greatest musicals of all time

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Drawstring Purse — Black

by Kakitsubat

Pocket size purses made in Kanagawa

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Latest features:

From Tokyo to Naha

Last autumn we travelled for six weeks, exploring the Japanese art-scene.

Posted on 30 November
Yuki Aruga

Yuki Aruga's detailed paintings recall 16th and 17th century still lifes.

Posted on 01 September
Japanese playgrounds

Photographer Kito Fujio revisits the landscape of childhood.

Posted on 31 August
Yayoi Kusama to Open Her Own Museum

Fans of Kusama's colourful world of dots will be thrilled to hear the news that she is opening her very own museum in Shinjuku this October

Posted on 30 August
Naoshima: Island of Artists

There is an island for artists in Japan's inland sea: Naoshima. We paid it a visit, and recorded our first impressions.

Posted on 21 June
James Curran, aka Slim Jim Studios' Tokyo gifathon

Explore Tokyo through a series of playful gifs.

Posted on 20 June
Japan House London

A new centre for all things Japanese is coming to London!

Posted on 29 May
The Penguin Pool

Constructivism at London Zoo

Posted on 14 April
Unidentified falling objects

Invasion of the Instant Noodles

Posted on 13 April
Tim Bowditch: Leaf peeper

A photobook which takes a middle-aged Japanese stranger as its muse.

Posted on 12 April
Masayoshi Nakajo: Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is reimagined by veteran designer Masayoshi Nakajo.

Posted on 11 April
Radio Ghibli

A three-part radio show celebrating 30 years of Studio Ghibli soundtracks.

Posted on 04 April
Chie Chihiro–Interview

Sisters Chie and Chihiro talk to us about collaborating, their parents' pottery studio, and its impact on their work.

Posted on 31 March
Ryo Takemasa

Reminiscent of traditional Japanese woodblock prints, Ryo Takemasa invites us to share his original perspective on the world.

Posted on 29 March
Kimiaki Yaegashi

From human-sized pizzas to the month of July, illustrator Kimiaki Yaegashi’s curious range of subjects are bound to make you smile.

Posted on 28 March

Kigi finds inspiration in nature for its varied designs.

Posted on 27 March
Hiroyuki Ishii

Hiroyuki Ishii takes notes from Dali with her surreal illustrations

Posted on 24 March
Radio Garden

Tune in to radio stations from across the world.

Posted on 23 March
A to Zakka–Interview

Illustrator Charlotte Trounce and curator Maria Howard tell us about their new riso-printed children’s book, which celebrates the classic design of ‘zakka’

Posted on 22 March
Fee Greening

Fee Greening keeps it traditional with dip pen and ink illustrations.

Posted on 21 March
Ninomiya Sawako

MTRL fosters creativity in Kyoto.

Posted on 20 March
Toru Kase

Graphic designer Toru Kase's growling dinosaurs put a smile on our faces.

Posted on 02 March
Book and Bed

A place to stay for book-lovers in Japan.

Posted on 01 March
Mitsuo Katsui

Brilliant bold colours in motion

Posted on 28 February
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