March 20, 2017

Ninomiya Sawako

MTRL fosters creativity in Kyoto.

We've always been a big fan of FabCafe in Tokyo (and you can read our post on the cool, creative cafe here!), but we've only just stumbled across their sister space in Kyoto. MTRL is a creative co-working space and cafe, an event space, and a personal fabrication workshop. It also serves as a gallery showcasing Kyoto-made materials, offers AirBnb lodging, and functions as Loftwork’s Kyoto office. But what excites us the most is that MTRL is the home to a residency programme hosting creatives from a week to a month - and the work that has been created under MTRL’s auspices is pretty amazing.

We particularly loved the outcome of resident artist Ninomiya Sawako's stint at MTRL. Sawako practices as an embroidery artist, but with the amazing resources available at MTRL she was able to experiment with the 3D printer and create sculptural embroidered pieces. We’re excited to see more 3D embroidery, a genre of art which is new to us!

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