January 04, 2017

Aki Inomata: Hermit Crabs

Welcome to the strange, crustacean-inspired world of artist Aki Inomata.

Hermit crabs haven't, historically, proved to be the greatest of muses. But the pet crabs of Aki Inomata have inspired her to engage in an architectural design project on an impressively small scale. Using a 3D printer, Inomata designed and created different homes for these hermit crabs, modelling their new shells on different metropolises across the globe. The challenges she faced are fairly innovative in the world of design: the shells needed to appear inviting enough for the crabs to make their homes within them, without losing their visual interest. The result is fascinating, a moving, minuscule re-imagining of the world's most famous cityscapes. 

See more of Aki-sans work here

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